Born in Latvia, grown to be a photographer in the United Kingdom, Anete Lusina is a street, documentary, and art photographer, as well as writer and mentor.


Work ranges from emotionally driven self portraits and minimalistic scenes to quietly observed street imagery, documenting small parts of social history.  Her personal work takes her across Europe, documenting the streets in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Hungary, Venice, and more. No place is too far if the right story is calling.

Anete provides distance and 1-to-1 mentoring for photographers of all levels.

Other work includes reportage style wedding photography and lifestyle photography for businesses and artisans. Anete also does creative writing combined with photographically led stories, freelance writing, and commercial writing for Fstoppers as a Senior Writer and for PetaPixel as Staff Writer.


  • "Our England", Bowery Arts Cafe, Leeds, Sept-Oct 2020.
  • "Our England", Kirkgate Market, Leeds, Jun-Dec 2020.
  • Joint art exhibition "WOMAN", Leeds, Dec 2018.
  • Joint photographic exhibition "Café Noir", Grimsby, Apr 2017.

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