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I'm telling myself to do self portrait every day in April. It doesn't matter how I look, it's just a visual documentation of parts of me during this weird and confusing time in the world. Will you join in, too?

It is an odd, scary, and very confusing time right now. Whether you are employed, self-employed, a student or out of work - it seems that everyone is affected in one way or another, whether at home or at work. Or both.

The question of "what inspires you?" is thrown around so often because it can be really fascinating to find how others find their inspiration from seemingly mundane things, experiences or life events. I recently went as a moral support to a tattoo salon, and I found it really intriguing to watch another artist work so effortlessly.

Workshops is a very regular topic that comes up in our coffee and photography chats. There are so many different ways to lead, run, market and sell a photography workshop and every photographer does it in their own way. But, when it comes to street photography in particular, there is something that just doesn't feel right. Let me explain.

Shooting self portraits can be therapeutic. At least, it is to me. It's a fragment of yourself in that moment and time, it's a visual diary entry that helps you express how you feel.

What is your idea of shooting "THE WOMAN"? If it's retouched skin and photoshopped body, then I need to give you a wake up call. There are better ways to bring out the sensuality and femininity of women!

I've always had warm feelings about Germany and its connection to my country through education. It was very refreshing to meet Saskia, a vet surgeon from Berlin.

First of all, let me say that I do not believe in new year's resolutions. To me it's an unnecessary stress and pressure to add onto our already complicated every day lives. Waiting for that one special date where everything changes suddenly is only bound to end in a disaster in some shape or form. What I do believe in is picking a day that fits with your life and starting a project then. So, why not let it be a 365 day photography project?

New year and new beginnings... coming to you with after-Christmas and New Year's sales from camera shops trying to make you add "buy new lens" to your to-do list for the year ahead. Don't let gear acquisition become your way of becoming a better photographer because all it will do is make you use your duster more because the pile of unused gear will grow and grow.

I met Matilde through arts. I don't know anybody else who is so full of life and has this really vibrant aura about them. The first time I listened to a song she co-created, I just knew I'm dealing with someone extremely talented. I'm looking forward to the day when her songs will be played more and more on the radio, in concerts, and streamed online.

As we chatted over a cup of coffee in the local Nero, I would question myself - how am I relating so much to Cris? How am I relating so much to people who are from all over Europe, with different lives, and yet there is something so familiar - that inner inkling of wanting to move and try your hardest to make something out of yourself.

Through my documentary project I met up with 11 Europeans, residing in the UK, and had those really intimate conversations about how they truly feel, what home means to them, letting them express their voice in THEIR own words, reminding them and others that their opinion is VALID and is just as important.