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I'm working on curating and creating a collection of erotic and sensual fine art wall prints. I also take commissions for this type of work if you are looking for something elegant but erotic for your walls.

Why do we find it so important to define ourselves and others? Does it make us feel safer and more content if we are able to label others and to be placed in boxes ourselves?

Other creative outlets are fun and relaxing. And, we need more of that in these times. You deserve to give yourself some time off simply to create because you enjoy it, not to make money or career of it. Just enjoy the process. It will enrich your life and remind you to slow down just a bit and enjoy the little things.

We've all come to the conclusion that isolation and social distancing sucks, and does so majorly. We are ripped away from our day to day schedules, habits, jobs, social gathering, and more. So, I wanted a small way in which I can connect both friendship and creativity in photography. So, my friend Geoff and I decided to send each other a mobile shot each day - one that tells a little story about our day, what caught our eye, what gave us a reason to pick up our smartphone to take that shot.

Take a look at my new Mono City Preset pack for Lightroom. Perfect for street and documentary photography. These are my go-to starting points for editing for most of my street work!

I'm telling myself to do self portrait every day in April. It doesn't matter how I look, it's just a visual documentation of parts of me during this weird and confusing time in the world. Will you join in, too?

It is an odd, scary, and very confusing time right now. Whether you are employed, self-employed, a student or out of work - it seems that everyone is affected in one way or another, whether at home or at work. Or both.

The question of "what inspires you?" is thrown around so often because it can be really fascinating to find how others find their inspiration from seemingly mundane things, experiences or life events. I recently went as a moral support to a tattoo salon, and I found it really intriguing to watch another artist work so effortlessly.

Workshops is a very regular topic that comes up in our coffee and photography chats. There are so many different ways to lead, run, market and sell a photography workshop and every photographer does it in their own way. But, when it comes to street photography in particular, there is something that just doesn't feel right. Let me explain.

Shooting self portraits can be therapeutic. At least, it is to me. It's a fragment of yourself in that moment and time, it's a visual diary entry that helps you express how you feel.

What is your idea of shooting "THE WOMAN"? If it's retouched skin and photoshopped body, then I need to give you a wake up call. There are better ways to bring out the sensuality and femininity of women!

I've always had warm feelings about Germany and its connection to my country through education. It was very refreshing to meet Saskia, a vet surgeon from Berlin.