April for Self Portraits!

06 Apr

When you are faced with isolation for weeks, naturally you will begin to feel a shift in your creativity. I have. You see, I am always talking about shooting self portraits but I can go weeks and sometimes months without feeling that little urge, that little fire that makes me pick up my camera and set it on a timer. It's just how creativity goes - it's affected by your thoughts, your mental state, your physical health, and everything else that is going on in your life. 

But, this time I am telling myself to pick up my camera every day in April. And, I am giving myself a brief escape from the reality by diving into the world of self portraits. Even if it's just a two minute session every day. It does not need to involve elaborate outfits or scenes, you don't need to look "perfect" by any means. Just document a small part of yourself every day while you are faced with this weird and new situation. Give yourself a reason to get up and do something that is far removed from making money, working on your business or house chores. 

Do it because you're just as interesting subject as anyone else you have ever shot in your life. I for one have learned to accept myself through doing self portraits. I don't always have the healthiest relationship or thoughts with myself but doing these types of shots reminds me that I am okay as I am. And, if I am feeling really down - I will just turn myself and my image into something very creative beyond recognition. I find it helps me. 

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