Being In Awe of Other Art Mediums

15 Feb

The question of "what inspires you?" is thrown around so often because it can be really fascinating to find how others find their inspiration from seemingly mundane things, experiences or life events. I recently went as a moral support to a tattoo salon, and I found it really intriguing to watch another artist work so effortlessly. 

For me, inspiration comes from seeing how others use their talent but more importantly abilities and skills to create something out of nothing. I could sit in the tattoo parlour all day watching people come in with bare skin and come out with a small (or, big!) piece of art, a piece that may or may not symbolise something important, a sign of their persona meant to be shown to the outer world (or just for them, in privacy).

The tools being used by artists become secondary, in fact, they are not important at all. We may want to think that we're only as good as our tools but reality is some of us, equipped with the latest tools in the world, can still have no vision and no skill in creating something with them. 

So, going back to the inspiration - the world around us is fascinating if we let ourselves see it. There are people and events around us that you can draw inspiration from. Instead of trying to replicate something, take a piece of that inspiration and inject it in your own work. 

P.S. Big thanks to Talisman Tattoo Studio in York for allowing me to photograph.

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