Farewell to Ferrybridge Cooling Towers in Pontefract, West Yorkshire

13 Oct

Although I myself am fairly new to the area, I have indeed already grown accustomed to the impressive and slightly daunting cooling towers located nearby. I can fully understand the sentiment of locals watching a large part of their everyday vista suddenly disappear into the dust clouds, it's not exactly the same as slightly altering the local landscape by chopping down a few trees or adding some. 

No doubt the site provided plenty of families with jobs and many will feel a part of their life go down, but I can't help but feel an eerie shudder, almost somewhat an apocalyptic feeling watching the area go silent. Suddenly flocks of birds come out of nowhere almost as messengers of what's about to happen. And sure, there goes the sound of tonnes and tonnes of weight that's coming down. 

As someone who often passed the Ferrybridge Station on the way to home, as someone who immediately felt the familiarity of 'I'm home soon' when seeing the cooling towers appear on the side of M62, even I will miss seeing that. You know the feeling I mean? When you see that shop, when you take that turn or pass that one particular house that stands out to you for whatever reason, and you just get that 'home soon' feeling. 

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