How Do We Find Inspiration?

20 Mar

Question as old as "which camera is the best?" (let me save you hours searching answer to this question by saying that there is no such thing, it's which ever camera suits you best), is "how to find inspiration" to photograph, and to keep photographing time over time.

I recently came to a conclusion (while doing some chores at home, out of all places) that finding inspiration is not actually that hard. Hear me out. I feel that if each day our mind is capable of producing countless thoughts, ones that grow randomly out of split-second moments, such as seeing a certain person, a burst of colour, a noise, and many more completely random occurrences, then we are equally as able to convert these thoughts into something visual, i.e. a photograph. 

My Valentine's roses. I was about to throw them out and something just clicked in my head.

It's easy to fall in the trap of directly seeking inspiration from sources, such as Pinterest, and you may trawl through hundreds of beautiful and unique photographs or pieces of art / design, and yet nothing seems to resonate with you on that day. That's because these photographs have originated from bursts of inspiration for other photographers; your job is to remain vigilant and observe the life around you. 

I often gain inspiration to introduce movement and surreal elements in my work, I find that it seems to describe my thoughts better than a pin-sharp image.

The amount of inspiration you can gain by bringing yourself down to earth a little bit more, and starting to see what's around you, is incredible. The more you connect to photography through real life experiences and moments (instead of trying to recreate something you have seen online), the richer your imagination will become. There's nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from others, but instead of looking at their creations, read their life stories. Gain inspiration from their individuality, strength, learn from how daring they may be or how big their personalities are.

I sometimes need to remind this to myself, so I don't fall in the trap of social media and how it can easily destroy your will to go out, shoot, and experiment, because you may subconsciously fear what others may think about your creation, but equally it gives us tools to educate ourselves and expand our horizons when it comes to reading about people and how their life stories or achievements may give us strength and inspiration. 

Does finding inspiration come easy to you?

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