My Mono City Preset Pack for Lightroom!

08 Apr

Through the few years I have been shooting street photography, I have developed a set of presets. They were born out of love, some out of complete accident, others I can't even remember how they originated. BUT, now I am ready to share them with you. 

I named the pack AL Mono City and it contains 8 monochrome presets that are my go-to for street, documentary and other types of photography. My style ranges from more fine art to a straight-to-point documentation of what I am seeing, and these presets are often a starting point for both types of photography. 

You can look at the video below where I apply these presets on raw files or look at the comparison on images beneath the text. 

They are easily customisable - just simply altering the basics in Lightroom, such as, brightness, contrast, darks, blacks, whites, and highlights, you can find a look that suits you. Presets are never a one click answer to anything but they can be a nice starting point. It's up to you to alter them in a way that suits your shooting style and editing preferences because end of the day your photography is unique and your editing style is, too. 

You can find the pack in my SHOP section. I hope you enjoy working with them as much as I do!

Here are all presets applied to unedited files. Which one is your favourite? 

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