Working On Sensual and Erotic Prints Collection

19 May

Maybe there's something about being confined to home during lockdown because ever since the lockdown began, I have been brainstorming about working on beautiful, sensual, and erotic art prints. I might not be able to shoot any models just yet but I do have myself to use. Not going to lie, it is nice to give in to random outbursts of creativity when they arise at moment's notice instead of waiting for a shoot that is planned weeks in advance. Most of my prints will primarily feature anonymity; if you are familiar with my self portrait work, you will know that it's one of my visual signatures. I don't think about it but my mind and my vision simply takes me there. 

Currently, I am working on curating prints as well as shooting some new material specifically for this, which means I am open to any commissions, too. I find it handy to have my notebook nearby when ideas randomly arise in my mind; this usually happens when I am doing just the most mundane things but that's the beauty of our minds, they can take us anywhere we desire to. 

Here is a small selection of what I am working on, feel free to message me about any questions or queries:

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