Our England

Honest conversations about home, identity, and life with Europeans who, for whatever reason and circumstance, have made England their home. I don’t believe in censoring or altering any of these stories. We all have our opinions and in a democratic manner we all have the right to express them and stand by them. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, it’s merely a reflection of how wonderfully diverse is our society. Immigration, politics, economical implications…forget all that. This is simple about the people. 

This project has been supported and partially funded by Leeds Inspired and Leeds City Council. It has been exhibited at Bowery Arts (Leeds) and Leeds Kirkgate Market throughout 2020-2021. If you would like it to be exhibited in your venue, please get in touch.

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Fashion Designer

Lives in Leeds // From Gerviaty, Belarus

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Singer & Songwriter

Lives in Leeds // From Arona, Italy

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Agile Delivery Lead

Lives in Leeds // From Porto, Portugal

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Veterinary Surgeon

Lives in Leeds // From Berlin, Germany

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Freelance Artist

Lives in Leeds // From Bucharest, Romania

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Tax Manager

Lives in Leeds // From Myszkow, Poland

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Film Maker

Lives in Leeds // From Vienna, Austria

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Cinematography Student

Lives in Leeds // From Bremen, Germany

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Public Service Interpreter and Translator

Lives in Leeds // From Nezdenice, Czech Republic

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Site Administrator

Lives in Pontefract // From Klaipeda, Lithuania

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Fire Safety Engineer

Lives in Manchester // From Ruse, Bulgaria

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