Photographie: Le Commencement

It's fairly straightforward o collate a set of images and display them in a book format, but it's a completely different thing to reach to the very core of one's being and find out who they truly are behind the camera, how they see themselves and their photography. It's an intimate to one's life and their innermost thoughts.

It's this very personal invite that has allowed me to capture photographers in my project. They have played a part in my life in some shape or form, and now I am breaking the safety net most of them have built by remaining behind the camera. But, it's these people, their emotions and their aspirations that are the driving force for creating the work that they do. 

You can view and buy my book with photographs and enclosed interviews here.

Rozalind Williams

Aldis Vite

Keith Brighouse

Geoff Powell

Katie Barber

Nelly Naylor

Alex Woodcock