Gallery of Life

Brexit, Trump, political-whatevers are happening around us but what doesn't change is that we still go on about our day today as we did yesterday. We are still a part of a largely multicultural society, and each one of us is still an important part of the environment we live in. Regardless of our social standing, we're all individuals with feelings and aspirations, and we're all a small part of the bigger picture.

I have chosen to preserve these random moments of ordinary life from September 2017 through to February 2018. Two seasons, six months of frozen moments outside of Leeds Art Gallery, England.

Life consists of brief but ongoing interactions with people around us, and in these brief moments we enter strangers' lives without giving it a single thought. Every single day we play a part in a real-time story that unfolds right in fornt of our eyes. I am here, in the front row, watching and documenting it closely.

You can read more about it in the interview with the Culture Vulture magazine.