Changes suck

…I mean, they do and they don’t. Just like growing up can be physically painful, so can be general life changes throughout life. Sure, our skin may not be stretching as we suddenly grow to  10cm taller, but it is a process that is uncomfortable nevertheless.

I find change daunting but oh-so-necessary; I don’t want to become complacent in any aspect of my life because I know that the minute I do, I’m fucked. It could be my relationship that I’ve let sail through and suddenly realised it needs plenty of work to get back on track, or it could be getting too comfortable with work and suddenly seeing that I am not progressing.

Change is needed to get anywhere. And we need to adapt to changes, otherwise, we’re stopping ourselves from growth. If we got as far as understanding that a change has to happen, we may as well go all the way and adapt to it, go with it, or better yet–have an inkling when it’s about to happen. 

Currently, I am adapting to changes in my work. I felt I had got too comfortable, with the mild day-to-day stresses included, and I had to just push myself out of that bubble. Feeling sorry for the situation you’re in and wallowing in it won’t get us anywhere. 

Being ready to jump into the next chapter will. 

Don’t fear change. Allow yourself the opportunities that may come with it wherever they may take you.

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