Empty pages and blank canvas

I used to fear seeing the blank page in front of me when I open that Word document. It used to give me a feeling of carrying a heavy rock uphill when I hadn’t even found the rock I need to carry. But, the more I listened to other writers and artists, I realised that the emptiness can only stay as long as we let it. You won’t put perfection down on paper the minute you click your pen (or put your hands on your keyboard). 

Once you get over the fact that perfection is pretty much unattainable concept, especially if you’ve always been a harsh critic of yourself, that’s when you start seeing that blank canvas or empty page as a fun journey. You don’t know where it’ll take you just yet but you know that you do need to put something down. 

Start with a word, a brainstorm diagram, a sketch of anything. And, see where it goes. 

But, remember, the journey takes dedication to continuously put a piece of yourself “out there”. Forget perfection and masterpieces. Instead, surprise yourself by sitting down and letting your creativity flow, regardless of the high standards you might have set for yourself.

See empty pages and blank canvas as an opportunity not as a roadblock. In fact, don’t even think about it that much and simply reach for your pen. I encourage you to not put it off and start off with a single word or a drawn line. 


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