Got nothing to worry about

In my job as a writer, I come across stories about artificial intelligence-powered services, software, and products on daily basis. It’s pretty mesmerizing that there are so many tasks that we can outsource to AI and they cost a fraction of what human labour would cost. 

This development is undoubtedly affecting people who rely on providing a cost-effective service, especially outsourced to other countries, but it does give the rest of us access to quicker and cheaper workflows. 

Whether you are culling, editing, or creating something that could benefit from relieving you of tiring tasks, it’s actually bringing originality to the forefront.

You don’t need to worry about the AI coming into your creative world because it won’t replace your originality as a flawed but interesting human being. 

People will still look for stories and voices that have something to say or to show. Let the AI take care of your menial tasks so you can focus on being that original self – that can never be taken away from you, be it by AI or by someone you’ve outsourced on the other side of the world.

Originality cannot be squashed.

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