It’s all smoke and mirrors

I had an interesting conversation with a model today which made me realise just how much the surface of photography industry (not artistry) is simply smoke and mirrors. Glowing public personas often hide sinister or abrupt personalities. Beautifully curated work disguises inability to elevate and inspire others around you. Expensive equipment that does not come with creativity and authenticity.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. This side of the art world is still filled with long and immersive conversations between two (or more) creative strangers. It still brings endorphins and euphoria when you know it’s “working”. It still has “something” that keeps bringing you back again and again.

For me, it’s something that I can grow old with because I know I can’t exhaust every single corner; there is always something new to be seen or learned. 

Once you see past the surface level, you can enjoy it for what it really is until you can’t hold your camera in your hands anymore. 

But, by that time I imagine I’ll be half a cyborg with a mechanical arm that will still keep that camera steady enough for me to take a shot.

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