Just craft it first

So, I recently purchased a monthly subscription to get access to more articles on Medium and so far I can’t complain. I get manageable pieces of writing to read every day although the more you click on one type, the more the algorithm will try and suggest similar ones to you. 

With me reading about the business of writing and how to monetize work as a writer, I get a plethora of “How I Made X in 6 Months of Writing”-type of articles, which is fine for a while but soon grows old.

Reason why?

All these articles could be summed up as:

  • Write regularly (emphasis on write not publish)
  • Don’t get too caught up in technicalities
  • Finetune your voice 
  • Deliver a message to your audience

The rest is just down to who gets lucky, whose articles get the timing spot on to get published in the right place at the right time, whose SEO rubs Google the right way, who has contacts or experience. That’s pretty much it. 

Rest is just numbers that bear no relevance to others. 

So… get to writing then!

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