Life in progress

I sometimes feel that life is just progress, a long-ass marathon with a few stops here and there. You get those brief standing-still-and-catching-a-breath-of-fresh-air moments but besides that, it’s a constant, ongoing journey. 

I think I like that. I don’t have a final destination in mind, I enjoy the ride. 

Whenever I think to myself, “this is it,” it never is. 

Nothing is ever constant but that’s part of the excitement of being alive. Of not knowing and simply going for it with no expectations.

Take those brief moments to enjoy where you are today, be it in slippers and a soft dressing gown, with a hot cup of coffee in hand and soaking in a minute of sunshine on your face, or getting that high of accomplishing a long-awaited goal. 

Either way, you’ll only stop for a moment and be ready to continue shortly after. It’s definitely an interesting ride this life.

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