Should we ignore trends?

Any artist in this digital age - who has ever found themselves on social media - is bound to catch themselves either comparing their work to that of others or having that little voice in the back of their minds ask them: “Is this what people want to see?”

Even with the utmost integrity, it can happen, as fleeting as those thoughts may be at times. We are surrounded by new visuals daily and, unless we completely disconnect, we might need to check in with ourselves and ask:

Am I creating because I care?

Am I inspiring myself?

Am I sharing because I enjoy expressing myself?


Am I creating because that’s what I think people want to see?

Am I undermining my own abilities, skills, and vision because someone somewhere might be *better*?

Am I sharing to stay relevant?

I don’t have an answer for how to completely quieten those voices but I know that regular check-ins with myself, with a friend, or someone caring enough to listen, can help. Just putting those thoughts out there, be it on paper or in a voice message, can be enough to make you see what you might need to change in your mindset.

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