Sundays are the new Mondays

As a self-employed artist and business owner, I would say that everyday is a Monday to me. Perhaps a Tuesday. But, I don’t actually dislike Mondays as many do because to me it signifies a beginning of another week where I can try and make a difference, another week where I can try to be that 1% better, stronger, more confident or more successful. Also, I quite enjoy jotting down those weekly or daily to-do’s, even if at times I’m far too enthusiastic about it. Mondays are a great day for me to get my week in order and imagine that the energy won’t tail down even though it usually does. It’s my time to imagine of all the great things I could achieve even if I don’t always.

So, what’s with the title? Well… I can’t recall if this is how I felt in the pre-pandemic world, but these days Sundays are my Mondays (if I take into consideration the generic dislike of Mondays by most). 

Sundays to me seem too slow—I already had my relaxation and recharge the day prior, I already cleaned the house. So, what am I supposed to do with a Sunday? If anything, to me it’s a slow and painful wait for that Monday to arrive. What does one do on a Sunday?!

I hope I learn to love the end of the week more. I want to turn everyday into an enjoyable Monday but I still have a long way to go. 

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