I’m Anete Lusina.

Simple moments and stories

I'm a photographer and a writer, quietly observing and documenting the world around me. West Yorkshire is the place I call my home, but I'm forever an Eastern European immigrant at heart.

My work ranges from emotionally driven self-portraits and minimalistic scenes to quietly observed street imagery.

Personal work takes me across Europe, documenting the streets of Paris, Milan, Berlin, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Budapest, Venice, and more. No place is too far if the right story is calling.

Let's Connect

Photography helps me make sense of the world around me. It lets me travel between reality and imagination.

When I'm not photographing, you'll find me at my desk, working as a tech writer for software brands. I also send out a weekly newsletter; if you'd like to keep up with my projects and interesting, creative things I come across in my everyday life—I'd love to have you there.

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