February 18, 2023

Winter time walks with frozen fingers

Travel, Press

I rarely get a chance to do much shooting when I fly home because there's always something else, with time spent with my family taking priority. When it comes to photography, I usually shoot portraits of my friends or family or do some marketing shots for them.

You know how it is when you are the photographer in the family.

This time I had a few extra days to spend doing nothing but wandering around, and I made the most of it. Or at least as much as I could in the bitter winter cold (it gets pretty chilly in Latvia!).

I wanted to revisit old childhood places through the eyes of me as me today — now an adult. And a photographer.

Fujilove Magazine published my photoessay in its February 2023 issue. So, not only did I get to finally shoot the memories of a place I haven't lived since I left home at 19, but my story got published for others to see and enjoy. Definitely can't complain about that.