March 7, 2024

Sunday in Saltburn


A birthday weekend getaway in Saltburn by the sea, with a hotel window overlooking the coast. On the first day, the weather kept chopping and changing, from dark, eerie clouds to the sun breaking through and giving us a beautiful rainbow. But it didn't matter—we'd wrap up tight and make our way down the million and one steps to brace the sea air. The Spa Hotel treated us to lovely, hearty food and a great table by the window. It would've been oh-so-easy to fall into that great king-size bed and spend the whole day under the blankets.

The second day we were greeted with bright sunshine and too many dogs on the beach to count. If you like people-watching, I give you dog-watching. They're so silly, playful, and curious, and at times, will run with a ball up to a stranger's feet (we were the strangers) and look up expectedly. 'Throw it, please.'